Add telephony to your applications with Aculab Cloud


Write telephony-based applications using high-level languages and let Aculab Cloud handle the rest

4th May 2011, Milton Keynes, UK, USA – Aculab, a leading provider of telephony hardware and software, releases an updated version of its cloud-based telephony development platform. New enhancements include an improved User Interface, conferencing and call transfer. Aculab is currently inviting developers to register for a free developer account and try out the latest Aculab Cloud release at

Aculab Cloud logoSo how does it work? Aculab Cloud provides a framework in which you can rapidly develop telephony applications, using modern, productive, high-level languages (C# and Python). There are two components – the Aculab Cloud and a User Application Server (UAS). The call APIs provide control functions, which allow you to write applications that manage interactions and call logic (what happens when a call is made or received).

The Aculab Cloud handles the actual calls and implements the call logic – transfers calls, plays messages, adds calls together in a conference, etc. Once the application is written, you simply direct the UAS at the Aculab Cloud nearest to you to start making and taking calls.

Aculab Cloud is a robust, scalable and cost-effective platform that hides the complexities of creating telephony-based applications,” said Faye McClenahan, Aculab’s Head of Strategic Marketing. “Built on Aculab’s technology heritage and expertise, Aculab Cloud lets all manner (or: any number) of developers harness Aculab’s know-how to power a wealth of new, telephony-centric innovations,” she added.

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