Add some fun to your virtual parties with these festive Microsoft Teams backgrounds

Rabia Noureen

Best Microsoft Teams Holiday Backgrounds

Just in time for the holidays, Microsoft has released a custom backgrounds gallery for Teams video calls and meetings. The online gallery features several holiday-themed background images to help users hold virtual parties with Microsoft Teams.

Microsoft says that the team is continuing to expand its custom backgrounds gallery by adding images for different events, celebrations, and much more. The company is also inviting users to submit their photos for inclusion in its library.

If you are in a more traditional video call and looking for Christmas backgrounds for Microsoft Teams, be sure to download an exclusive collection of winter and holiday backgrounds released by a third party website. These custom backgrounds are ideal for any meeting, be it formal or informal, and there are 24 backgrounds to choose from.

As traveling may be out of the question for some people this holiday season, the celebrations will be a bit different due to the pandemic. Many families around the world are ready to hold virtual parties by using Microsoft Teams. We hope that this holiday collection of backgrounds will add a little holiday flair to your video calls. Happy Holidays 🙂