Add-ins come to Outlook and Office 365; PayPal, Boomerang and Uber among the first

Brad Stephenson

Add-ins come to and Office 365; PayPal, Boomerang and Uber among first to develop

At Build 2015, Microsoft has announced that add-ins are coming to, and that PayPal, Uber and Boomerang will be among the first to develop for the new platform. The new Outlook APIs aim to create an open platform for companies to simplify everyday tasks for the user from directly within and Office 365.

Uber will give users the ability to set up Uber ride reminders for any calendar event and Boomerang will be able to send timed messages, add a smart calendar assistant that lets you schedule meetings, receive reminders concerning emails that haven’t gotten a reply, and share your real-time availability all within the same experience. No details have been given on exactly how PayPal will be incorporated but it’s probably safe to assume that it will allow users to send and receive payments from within emails or some such similar functionality.

While this may initially seem like a rather small development, it is yet another example of how Microsoft is trying to create a more unified and streamlined Windows experience across apps and devices. What added functionality would you like to see in or Office 365?