This add-in lets you integrate ChatGPT into Microsoft Word

Kevin Okemwa

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As Microsoft gradually integrates ChatGPT across its products and services after making a heavy investment that is reportedly summing up to $10 billion. there is a way that you can leverage its features in Microsoft Word using an add-in.

With plans to possibly incorporate ChatGPT’s features into Office apps, Ghostwriter ChatGPT by Creative Data Studios could help provide a similar if not exact experience before Microsoft’s plans come to fruition. The OpenAI powered tool is designed to enhance the search experience for users and provide human-like responses to prompts.

While it is possible to generate texts using ChatGPT and transfer them to any app, this new add-in simplifies the process further, especially for Microsoft Word users. This is because once you have installed it to Word, ChatGPT is incorporated into the panel thus making it easier to generate text to prompts given from within the app.

Ghostwriter ChatGPT’s developer, Patrick Husting did indicate that Microsoft might eventually end up scrapping the add-in from Word once it begins rolling out its own while speaking to GeekWire. “They might kill it off in a year or two, when they add something to Office, and I’m cool with that too. What I’m doing is available for everybody to use and take advantage of now, because why wouldn’t you?”

The add-in comes in tiers, that is the Basic and Pro edition, each with different offerings. For the Basic edition at $10 per month, you’ll have access to:

  • Windows,Mac,Web
  • Office 2019/2021/MSFT365
  • one model: ChatGPT
  • response: about 2 paragraphs
  • bug fixes for 1 year
  • single key, we’re not netflix

While the Pro edition at $25 per month gets you:

  • All the Basic features and
  • All available OpenAI models
  • response length configurable
  • bug fixes and free updates!
  • single key, we’re not netflix

To include the add-in, search through the Office Add-in Store. It should also be noted that you’ll also require a free OpenAI key. Patrick further indicated that the add-in is expected to roll out to other Office apps in the near future, and that users who will have purchased the Word add-in will get the whole bundle at a discounted price.

Via Windows Central

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