Microsoft Teams now lets user add images to meeting polls

Kevin Okemwa

add images to meeting polls

Microsoft has announced that it is enhancing the Polls app in Teams with a new feature. Users will now be able to add images to Teams meeting polls.

“Including visual elements in your content helps make it more engaging and appealing. It also enables you to simplify complex information and communicate it more clearly,” explained Microsoft.


You can use this feature with all question types, that is, multiple choice, quiz, word cloud, rating, and ranking. However, the maximum upload limit is 5MB.

To access this feature, click the Image button to the right of the question text box, select the image you want to ass from your local drive, and preview in the window after uploading.

Once you launch the poll, the respondents will be able to view the image and respond to the poll in pop-up, side pane, and the meeting chat. You can also click the image to get a closer look at the image as it will open in a new browser tab.

Animation of conducting a poll with an image

Microsoft recommends that users should use the 2:3 ratio when uploading images. This will present the respondents with the best layout results. It is worth noting that you can only add static images to meeting polls, support for GIFs is not available currently.

The feature is available for both Business and Education subscribers. In related news, Microsoft announced the debut of a new feature to the Polls app in Teams, Instant Polls which is designed to quickly engage with the audience and collect feedback from them.

Via: Microsoft