Add Halo 5, Destiny Tiles to your Microsoft Band

Mark Coppock

Microsoft’s Band 2 may or may not be on its way out to make room for an upcoming Band 3. Nevertheless, Microsoft’s own fitness tracker represents a nice mix of functionality and simplicity for many people (this author included), and the ability to add fun little bits to the Band is a nice addition to its otherwise staid health and productivity focus.

One of the more interesting methods of extending a Band’s functionality, and often in a fun way, are adding new Tiles. reports on some new Band Tiles that allow Halo 5 and Destiny gamers to keep up with with their progress and scores.

The following video demonstrates the Halo 5 Tile:

Download the Halo 5 Tile here, and the Destiny Tile here. Once you’ve given them a try, let us know what you think in the comments.