Add business card info directly to LinkedIn with Microsoft Pix

Laurent Giret

Microsoft Pix, the intelligent camera app for iPhone users is getting a new AI-powered feature today. The app could already be used for scanning documents and whiteboards, but today’s update adds a new option for scanning business cards, adding the information to your iPhone’s address book and import it to LinkedIn.

“If you tap to take action, Pix will capture and organize numbers, email addresses and URLs – and add this new contact into your iPhone’s Contacts app, with all the information populating the correct fields within your address book,’ Microsoft explains in a blog post. “If you’re signed into LinkedIn on your iPhone, this allows you to seamlessly store the business cards of people you meet on your account, so you’re ready to view that rich information about people who you are interacting, meeting or emailing with.”

Following its acquisition of LinkedIn, Microsoft said that it would explore various ways to integrate the social networking service to its various products. This new Business Card feature makes Microsoft Pix pretty useful app for managing your contacts, and the company notes that “improving productivity features and your experience with Pix remains a top priority for Microsoft.”

‎Microsoft Pix
‎Microsoft Pix
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