Adblock Plus reveals the reason for their Microsoft Edge extension delay

Brad Stephenson

Adblock Edge Extension

One of the features many Windows 10 users have been waiting for since the upgrade to the new operating system is the launch of extensions on Microsoft’s new Edge internet browser. They’re something that have been promised since well-before the public rollout of Windows 10 and Edge but they’re only just now beginning to surface for the select group of users participating in Microsoft’s Windows Insider program which is used to test features and programs before sharing them with the general public.

Last week, Windows 10 build 14291 was made available to Windows Insiders and with it finally came Edge extensions for Microsoft Translator, Mouse Gestures, and Reddit Enhancement Suite. A quote from Microsoft also confirmed the future launch of extensions for AdBlock, Adblock Plus, Amazon, LastPass, and Evernote and there have already been several instances of a Pinterest Edge extension being previewed.

Earlier today, a user on Twitter asked Adblock Plus directly why their extension wasn’t included with the initial three in this testing phase and the reply was that they’re basically waiting for Microsoft to give them the go-ahead. It seems likely that Microsoft simply wants to test extension functionality on a small scale before rapidly expanding.

Adblock is a rather controversial service that blocks ads from appearing on websites. While some users use it out of concern for malicious code being used in website ads, the majority of users use it simply because they find ads annoying. Its popularity has had a rather dramatic effect on the internet publishing landscape with some sites having to close due to lost revenue and others forced to implement advertorials, pay-gates, and subscription or donation models to stay afloat. is one recent example of a site that has been affected by Adblock.

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