Adblock Plus Edge extension goes live for all Windows 10 Anniversary Update users

Arif Bacchus

Today, August 2nd, not only marks the release of the Windows 10 Anniversary Update, but also marks the release of a long-awaited Edge Extension. The developers of Adblock Plus have just announced that the AdBlock Plus is now available for all Windows 10 Anniversary Update users.

The extension was previously only available for those in the Windows Insider program, so today’s release now brings the Adblock plus to the general public, over 350 million Windows 10 users. Adblock Plus’ developers are welcoming of the release, and mention:

After years of development and support of Adblock Plus for Internet Explorer we very much welcome Microsoft’s bold attempt to move to standards based approaches with Microsoft Edge. One of the upsides of this approach is that our current implementation of Adblock Plus for Microsoft Edge is based on the code of Adblock Plus for Chrome, unlike the entirely separate codebase for Internet Explorer.

It is worth noting that Adblock Plus is still in early development (hence the name Beta in the download link) so there are issues and limitations to what the extension can do. It is, nonetheless, still a functional extension and can be reached at the download link below. Just be sure to support us and disable it for your friendly Microsoft news website,

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