Activision has announced that it will delay next Call of Duty release

Kevin Okemwa

Call of Duty: Warzone video game on Xbox Series X and Xbox One

According to a blog post on Bloomberg, Activision is set to delay the Call of Duty series that was set to be released next year. This will be the first time for them to fail to make a release in over two decades.

The move comes after they made an entry last year, Call of Duty: Vanguard, that was faced with a lot of performance issues and bugs, as compared to Call of Duty: Warzone released in 2020 which remains to be a favorite to most gamers.

The performance issues facing the game led some of the members in management to come to the conclusion that they were making their releases prematurely. The information stemmed from a source that chose to remain anonymous because they did not have the consent to reveal this information.

They further disclosed that the decision was not related to the $70 billion Activision Blizzard Acquisition. However, to cover this gap, Activision is set to release other projects.

Later on this fall, Activision will release a Call of Duty game that is set to receive “a steady stream of additional content, and there will be a new, free-to-play online title next year.”

“We have an exciting slate of premium and free-to-play Call of Duty experiences for this year, next year, and beyond,” a spokesman for Activision wrote in an emailed statement. “We look forward to sharing more details when the time is right.”

They also intend on spending more time testing and perfecting their games before making any releases to avoid such a predicament in the future. However, these plans could fall through the cracks once Microsoft’s acquisition is finalized later next year. We will just have to wait and see how this plays out and how Activision will cover its tracks with the delayed release.