Activision Blizzard studio Proletariat becomes the latest game developer to unionize

Robert Collins

Employees at Activision Blizzard game development studio Proletariat have officially formed a union named the Proletariat Workers Alliance (PWA). First reported by Game Developer, the announcement was made via a Twitter thread in which the newly formed union asked for recognition from studio management.

The union was formed with the Communication Workers of America (CWA) and unlike previous game studios that have unionized, PWA includes workers from the animation, engineering, production and design departments as well as QA workers.

Blizzard Entertainment acquired the Boston-based Proletariat back in June. The studio is best known for the free-to-play online battle royale game Spellbreak, which is set to be shut down early in 2023 as the Proletariat team will be appropriated to help with future development of World of Warcraft.

Developer: Proletariat, Inc.
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Proletariat isn’t the first Activision Blizzard studio to unionize. Raven Software’s QA department did so earlier this year, and much more recently over 300 QA workers at Microsoft’s Zenimax (parent company of Bethesda) formed Zenimax Workers United.

Via PC Gamer.

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