Actiongram will help you create and share stories for HoloLens

Kellogg Brengel

Actiongram on HoloLens

HoloLens Development Edition will start shipping in just a couple of weeks and Microsoft is continuing to reveal more information about what it is going to be like to work with the augmented reality headset. The latest peek at what HoloLens is capable of was posted on the Windows blog this morning.

In the post, Microsoft spoke more about Actiongram, an app for telling stories with holograms, which will be available at launch. The app is designed to be a holographic movie studio for content creators to setup and use holograms and record their own mixed reality capture videos. What the HoloLens team is especially proud of and excited about is that Actiongram was created so virtually anyone can use it without needing a background in visual effects or working in CGI.

Along with today’s post, Microsoft also released a short video showcasing Actiongram and its potential. The video highlights the ease with which users can drop a hologram of a T-rex or a zombie into living room, and then create their own mixed reality video capture of the scene to share with the world.

Actiongram has also been in use in a closed beta, and today’s post shows a couple of the initial videos people have been creating. A few have been linked below. They are mostly 30 second shorts aimed at quick sight gags based on people interacting with holograms. But after viewing them all, you begin to get a sense of what the Actiongram team is so excited about.

There is a wide range of possibilities of how any and everyone can create their own mixed reality videos using holograms, and not needing any kind of special training in special effects to do it. With the Development Edition about to be in people’s hands, we’ll likely begin to see more new ways holograms can be used, like the potential for a new medium of holographic storytelling with Actiongram.