Action packed drag racer Top Speed coming this month

Jonny Caldwell

Top Speed

Top Speed, an new action packed drag racing game is coming out here in July by Thunder-Bull Entertainment. The game will be available not just for Windows Phone, but also iPhone, iPad, Android, and iOS, carrying amazing HD optimized visuals along with it. 

You will be able to race at impossibly high speeds in five unique city districts, each home to their own gangs and crime lords. Participate in heated, most wanted races in 69 different cars including police cruisers—fully customizable, tuned, and modified.  

In fact, nearly every aspect of your vehicle will be customizable—it will truly be your own car racing and competing in the crime filled action tracks. From engines, to handling and boosts, all the way to amazing hardcore visual mods for your dragsters. Compete in style! 

The game will be available soon this July, and it will certainly be the most unique and action packed drag racing game of the year! Tune in and race out!

Thanks for the tip, Candice!