Acer’s complete 2016 line of devices to be shown off at IFA starting August 31

Michael Cottuli

Acer Jade Primo

We all love new gadgets. According to Windows Central and Android Headlines, Acer might just be coming out with a new batch of fancy machinery for us to pick up this Holiday. While we don’t have any public confirmation, it looks likely that a successor to Acer’s Windows 10 Mobile powered Jade Primo will be coming out during IFA later next month. Along with some notes about new  notebooks, presumably running Windows 10 or the Windows 10 Anniversary Update, the article also claims that we’ll be seeing a few other things come out of the woodwork as part of Acer’s holiday lineup.

Once again, we don’t have many clues as to what else might be coming up on the Holiday lineup, but there’s speculation that Acer might end up unveiling a VR headset. This would make sense considering the fact that VR is still a highly competitive industry and with Windows machines being the go to workstations for many of the current solutions, Acer should be able to come out with a competitively priced headset.