Acer thinks criticisms concerning the success of Windows 8 have been unfair, give it more time



With all the recent reports about how Windows 8 hasnt been the success that everyone hoped for, including Microsoft, one manufacturer is defending the new operating system stating that its too early to judge Windows 8’s success. In fact, concerns and criticisms have been rather unfair.

Microsoft had stated that sales for its new operating system, Windows 8, did not meet internal expectations. Newegg even mentioned how Windows 8 sales were not that great last month. Even a recent report stated that Fujitsu saw weak PC sales for the year 2012, all thanks to the slow demand for Windows 8. But Acer, on the other hand, is defending Windows 8 somewhat. Acer believes that since Windows 8 is pretty new, consumers must learn it and this learning process prevents the operating system from taking off quickly.

“In the past, market observers would accuse Windows of lacking innovations. And Windows 8 with brand new features have still been greeted with pessimism. Some observers believe the new interface and touchscreen control will dramatically delay adoption by consumers. But companies must take risks when introducing innovations, and therefore it is still too early to say whether Windows 8 is a success or not,” Acer states.

The report also states that Acer’s internal research discovered that consumers want to use their fingers to touch any display after controlling a touchscreen product for more than 20 minutes. “This indicates that touchscreen control is an irreversible trend. Acer believes touchscreen control will be a strong selling point, but it still needs more time to take off,” the report adds.