Acer: Microsoft has turned from a partner to a competitor due to the Surface tablet


According to Acer’s chairman JT Wang, Microsoft should not make the Windows 8 Surface tablet too cheap, rather, it should create a price gap to minimize the negative impact on other vendors’ product lineups. This comes after Acer publicly wanted Microsoft to reconsider launching the Surface tablet.

Wang believes that the Surface tablet will have a “negative impact on the long-established PC ecosystem” and Microsoft should discuss these concerns with Acer. Wang wants to benefit not only Acer, but also the entire Windows ecosystem. Wang suggests that Microsoft price the Surface tablet from $499 to $599, rather than $199, otherwise it will cause a negative impact to the ecosystem. Wang also mentions that Microsoft failed to communicate with PC brand vendors prior to revealing the Surface tablet. According to Wang, Acer is not afraid of competition, but wants Microsoft to communicate with the company so the new rules of the game are understood. Acer points out that Microsoft was a software designer who has now entered hardware development and has turned from a partner to a competitor. Microsoft has yet to announce the price range for the Surface tablets.