Acer: Lack of apps is why Microsoft is behind Google and Apple in the mobile market



Acer President Jim Wong mentioned today that the company has ‘high hopes’ about Microsoft becoming a ‘real challenge’ to Google and Apple in the mobile market by next year. Microsoft is currently working hard to catch up to Google and Apple in the smartphone/tablet market space.

Wong has high hopes that Microsoft will become a real challenge in the mobile market space. “Windows for now is still a leader in the productivity field,” Wong explained. However, the reason Microsoft is still behind Google and Apple is due to a lack of apps. Acer would love for Microsoft to gain a strong foothold in the mobile market, because it obviously benefits Acer too.

Microsoft hasn’t been able to make much of an impact in the tablet market, accounting for only 4% of shipments during the first quarter, according to data from IDC. In contrast, Apple has accounted for 40% while Google has accounted for 57% of the tablet market. IDC actually feels the same way about the app situation as Acer does. IDC recently attacked Windows 8, claiming that Windows 8 “sucks” because of its apps. In fact, IDC believes that the upcoming Windows 8.1 (Windows Blue) update will not fix the problem.