Acer initially intended to run Android on the Jade Primo

Michael Cottuli


Windows Phones have had a rough time as of late. With all of the lukewarm reviews for the Lumia 950, and criticisms of the Windows 10 Mobile launch, it’s easy to think that Microsoft doesn’t quite know what they’re doing with this mobile launch.
While we can’t prove that Microsoft is a master of its craft in the mobile department, however, we may have just found something out to renew faith that Microsoft is a company who should still be taken seriously in mobile. In a recent Time Magazine story about Microsoft Continuum, it was revealed that the Acer phone – Jade Primo – was originally going to be an Android phone.
This is some highly interesting news, considering the way that the Jade Primo has been marketed. Acer has consistently been touting it as a pocket PC – taking great pride in the fact that it’s one of the first phones out there to support the Continuum feature. It’s very odd, then, to hear that this phone was going to be totally unrelated to Microsoft early in its development.
When news of Windows 10 Mobile came around, Acer came around and decided that they wanted to develop the Jade Primo to support Windows 10 Mobile. This shows us without any shadow of a doubt that Windows Phones are something that have a future. If a company as experienced in hardware as Acer is prepared to dump a tried-and-true OS like Android to jump into the fray with Microsoft, then it’s quite clear that Microsoft has done enough to garner the continued interest of people.
Acer is touting the new Jade Primo as the first pocket PC phone, complete with a large 5.5-inch smartphone, which runs Windows 10 Mobile. The device features a Snapdragon 808 processor and a 21MP rear camera, and is one of the first phones to support Continuum.
While Windows Phones aren’t yet as glamorous as most people would like them to be, there’s one thing that they most certainly are: relevant. With revolutionary features like Continuum making massive hardware developers such as Acer turn their heads, Windows phones will always remain in the smartphone game.