Acer announces "first pocket PC phone" powered by Windows 10 Mobile

Zac Bowden

Acer is first among many OEMs to announce a Windows 10 Mobile device today, but Asus is marketing their new flagship a little differently compared to others. Dubbed as the “first pocket PC phone”, the Acer Jade Primo is the company’s first Windows 10 Mobile flagship device, sporting a 5.5 inch S-AMOLED display, a Snapdragon 808 processor and a 21MP rear camera. Impressive stuff.
Acer is positioning the Jade Primo as one of the first devices to include support for Continuum for Phones, which essentially turns your phone into a full desktop, allowing you to use a mouse and keyboard with universal apps scaled as if they were running on a normal desktop.
The device was announced at this weeks IFA event, pricing and availability details are yet to be announced.