AccuWeather for Windows 10 updated with Future Radar, video support on mobile, and more

Mark Coppock


AccuWeather is one of the more popular and fully-featured weather apps available in the Windows Store. The app offers pretty much everything one might want from a weather app, including MinuteCast minute-by-minute precipitation forecasts, severe weather notifications, Cortana voice integration, and more. Today, an update was pushed to the Store that offers up a number of new features for Windows 10 PCs and Windows 10 Mobile smartphones.

Here’s the complete changelog:

• In App Purchases!! That’s What’s New!!
– 1st time any Windows user will have the availability to remove ads. Been a highly requested feature from users in the store and we want you to know we are listening.
• Not good enough? How about integration of Future Radar?
– For the US we have integrated a Radar that doesn’t just show the past data but models out the radar direction in the app for you.
• Other items we heard you ask for is the Ability for User Account Log in/Out of App –
– Sync across devices is now here
• We’ve Integrated Feedback Hub into App so we can capture your feedback and allow us to collaborate closely with you!!
– Users will be able to directly connect to message boards and provide feedback
• App UI Modifications to Main page and Setting Menu
– Added subtle animations to indicate call to actions
– Lots of extra modifications to increase App UI Polish
• Windows Mobile support for Video

That should be enough new stuff to make pushing the update button worthwhile. If you haven’t given the app a try, then by all means click the link below and get it installed.

AccuWeather - Weather for Life
AccuWeather - Weather for Life