There are 2.8 million Windows Insiders testing Windows 10, delivering 900,000 pieces of feedback

Sean Cameron


Since the introduction of Windows 10, Microsoft has taken a different approach to the spread of Windows 10. Eschewing the secrecy they had exercised previously with the development of Windows 8, all work on Windows 10 has been conducted in the open.

As revealed by Stephen Elop at MWC 2015, during the Microsoft press event, there are now over 2.8 million Windows Insiders spread across the Microsoft ecosystem. That’s phones, tablets and desktop users combined, each using some level of the free technical preview, having delivered over 900,000 pieces of feedback.

Many features have been promised with Windows 10, the re-introduction of the Start menu, the integration of Cortana across the whole OS and the introduction of a true replacement for Internet Explorer: the Spartan Browser. Each of these promises to change the ways that users interact with the OS significantly. For phones, actionable notifications, a new file explorer and a host of other new options seem increasingly likely to breath such much needed life into the new mobile OS.

Most importantly, Universal apps promise to change the app situation on Microsoft’s platforms significantly.