Access your Office Partner Admin accounts on multiple platforms now

Kareem Anderson

Access your Office Partner Admin accounts on multiple platforms now

Microsoft has yet again extended itself to rival platforms with the release of Office 365 Partner admin mobile app. For those outside of the admin bubble, this news may mean little to you, but for the other half, this should be a welcomed mobile managing tool.

Office 365 Partner admin center portal affords admins the tools to manage customers on the move by including a view of all their customers, the service and health of individual customers, and the ability to manage service request while also performing administrative task on behalf of a customer. The Office 365 team posted today, “we are extending the Partner admin center experience with a new Office 365 Partner admin mobile app, available now for Android and iOS and coming soon for Windows Phone.”

Yet again, Windows Phone users are left on the outside looking in.

Some of the key features these mobile apps will be brining to the iOS and Android platforms are:

  • Easy viewable search and access to customer information which have delegated admin privileges.
  • Easy viewable customer service health status
  • Access to customer’s open service request
  • Access to a customer’s Message Center communications
  • Also, the ability to manage setting and resetting customers’ passwords

All in all, this Office admin companion app allows for quick and light access to all  Partner admins on any platform now.