Access Azure Media Services from the new Azure portal

Dave W. Shanahan

Microsoft’s Azure Media Services has a new home at While still in preview mode, the Azure team expanded the existing Azure Media Services’ features from the old Azure portal ( and integrated them with the new one ( in order to provide a more fluid user experience.

As a reminder, Azure Media Services is currently in preview at the new location, so you can still access the old portal if needed. Here is a list of Azure Media Services functionality. Please note: those items marked “NEW” are only available at the new portal for Azure Media Services.

Video-on-Demand (VOD) workflow (MSDN documentation)

  • [NEW] Bulk upload video assets without file size limitation
  • [NEW] Upload WebVTT closed caption file to an asset
  • Transcode media files with Media Encoder Standard and Media Encoder Premium Workflow
  • [NEW] Six Media Analytics processors, including: Indexer, Hyperlapse, Face detector, Motion detector, Stabilizer and Video Thumbnail
  • Publish assets for streaming
  • Video playback with the latest version of Azure Media player

Live streaming workflow (MSDN documentation)

  • [NEW] Quick create a live channel with one click
  • Custom create a live channel with or without live encoding
  • [NEW] Create live events or simply Go Live to launch your live event
  • Preview your live stream with Azure Media Player

Content protection

  • Adding AES clear key encryption on both VOD or live stream
  • Adding PlayReady DRM protection onto both VOD or live stream
  • [NEW] Adding Widevine DRM protection onto both VOD or live stream


  • Create Media Services account
  • Scale up and down encoding reserved units and streaming units
  • One click to enable CDN integration
  • Account key rotation

Other features that the Azure team is working on adding to the new portal include:

  • Adding FairPlay DRM configuration
  • Providing support to sort and filter assets list
  • Including Blob picker support to create assets
  • Incorporating support for thumbnail generation processor

If you have an idea for another feature to add to the preview of Azure Media Services, let the Azure team know through UserVoice. Otherwise, preview the new portal experience available for Azure Media Services.