A Windows Insider MVP breaks down 2016 – “when’s the next build?”

Laurent Giret

Michael Gillet Windows Insider Ninja Cat Toy Story

Two weeks ago, we looked back at what the Windows Insider Program brought us in 2016, and we thought it was a pretty good recap of how the program evolved with a leadership change in June and then the release of the Anniversary Update in the summer. But it you’re looking for a different take on what the Windows Insider team achieved over the past 12 months, maybe you should read the latest blog post of Michael Gillett, professional web developer, Windows Insider enthusiast and Microsoft MVP since 2012.

Gillet’s blog post is humorously subtitled “We started off asking Gabe, we finished asking Dona,” and the MVP pretty much meant it. The blog post is an exhaustive chronological recap of what the Windows Insider team shipped last year, and we counted that Gillet wrote “we asked Gabe Aul/Dona Sarkar when the next Windows Insider build would be released” at least 17 times. Actually, Gillet even concluded his blog post with this great bit:

December 31st

We wished Dona Sarkar a Happy New Year and then asked her when the next Windows Insider build would be released.

Don’t be mistaken though, the whole post is a real labor of love and actually covers a lot of other highlights from last year including Build 2016, all the company’s acquisitions and a lot more developer news. Last but not least, Head of the Windows Insider Program Dona Sarkar herself gave it a shout out on Twitter earlier today:

In case you didn’t know, Gillet is also the source of many of the Windows Insiders Ninja Cat wallpapers, including the feature image we used to illustrate this post featuring Gabe Aul as Toy Story’s Buzz Lightyear. We invite you to check all his great creations on his OneDrive folder.