A second track from the Halo Infinite video game soundtrack has been released for free online

Brad Stephenson

Halo Infinite on Xbox One and Xbox Series X consoles

A second track from the Halo Infinite soundtrack, Reverie, has been released via the official Halo YouTube channel. Like the first track, this one was also featured within the campaign demo during the recent Xbox Showcase.

Have a listen:

While the first track was composed by Gareth Coker, this second piece was composed by Curtis Schweitzer. Schweitzer also wrote the music for the Halo Infinite 2019 preview which you can see below.

In total, three composers are working on music for Halo Infinite. In addition to Gareth Coker and Curtis Schweitzer, parts of the game’s score will also be composed by Joel Corelitz whose work can be heard in The Unfinished Swan and Death Stranding.

Halo Infinite is due out on Windows, Xbox One, and the upcoming Xbox Series X sometime later this year.

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