A new official Windows 10 app is on the way according to app dev Rudy Huyn

Brad Stephenson

Rudy Huyn

Popular app developer, Rudy Huyn, has just tweeted a rather ambiguous tweet that has many people talking on Twitter and lots of his followers rather confused as to what it could mean.

The tweet posted earlier today which reads, “One more thing, an other W10 official app will be released” could be interpreted numerous ways but the two likely possibilities are either that Rudy is working on another official Windows 10 app (he has previously worked on the official Windows 10 DropBox app) or he has heard news of another party developing an official Windows 10 app.

The app in question could be the long-awaited SnapChat app which even Rudy has speculated is in the works due to how strictly SnapChat’s lawyers are protecting the non-existent official app’s space on Windows devices. It probably isn’t an official Tinder app as Rudy also tweeted today that his third-party Tinder app, 6tin will be upgrading to its Universal app format as soon as next week.

Of course the app he’s teasing could be something completely out of left field and totally unrelated to anything he’s worked on before such as his third-party Instagram, SnapChat, and Tinder apps which he is most famous for. In an official interview with Microsoft, there is mention of him having an interest in developing an app for Microsoft’s Xbox One and since Rudy has yet to launch an app on the console and the Xbox One is now running a version of Windows 10… it could be a legitimate possibility with a lot of potential. Would be fantastic to see a Universal app that could function across gaming console, phone, and PC.

Do you have any theories for what the app could be? Post your predictions in the comments and check back soon to see if you were correct!