A new Halo Infinite weapon has leaked

Robert Collins

Halo Infinite Season 2

While Halo Infinite has quite a large arsenal of weaponry, there are still many fan-favorites from past titles that have yet to make an appearance. The game’s second season, Lone Wolves, has so far yet to introduce any new firepower, though it did bring a number of balance tweaks to existing weaponry.

But it looks like there may be at least one new addition to the armory coming soon, according to a supposed leak from a Twitter account dedicated to Halo-related leaks. The tweet shows a screenshot listing the M392 Bandit, which in all likelihood would be an update of the DMR rifle from past Halo games, if it is real.

At his point there is no way to confirm or disprove the authenticity of the leak. Any new Halo Infinite weapon is more likely to show up in Season 3, which launches this November and reportedly will be a much more substantial content upgrade than Lone Wolves.