A Microsoft UX Designer is using HoloLens for art installation

Laurent Giret

Dong Yoon Park, Principal UX Designer at Microsoft has created a “Holographic art sculpture” for Bellevue Arts Museum with his recently released Typography Insight app for HoloLens. The app has been originally released on iOS in 2011 to allow users to play with typography in a mixed reality environment, but the designer (who also worked on the Windows Bridge for iOS, aka Project Islandwood) brought new features to the HoloLens version to make the experience much more immersive.

The designer’s ‘Holographic Type Sculpture’ is currently placed in Bellevue Arts Museum’s atrium and rooftop sculpture garden. Park explained in a blog post that he already thought about providing attendees many ways to interact with the mixed reality art piece:

Since each type is interactive, I can imagine the visitors moving or rotating them, collectively evolving the sculpture.(this shared experience is not implemented yet) I am very excited about the potential of HoloLens as a new medium for art installation.

For those of you lucky HoloLens owners, Typography Insight for HoloLens is currently a $2.99 purchase on the Windows Store. Let us know your thoughts about using HoloLens for art installation in the comments below.