A dozen games are set to leave Xbox Game Pass today, September 30th

Robert Collins

Xbox Game Pass

Games come, and games go. That is the reality with all game subscription services, even the best. So today we have to report that 12 games will be leaving Xbox Game Pass as September draws to a close. Here is the list.

There is a silver lining or two to be found here, however. Xbox Game Pass subscribers can buy these games at a discount of at least 20% off before they are removed from the service.

And also, there has been a slew of new arrivals on Xbox Game Pass as of late that certainly soften the blow. These include games like the full release of Grounded, Valheim and Slime Rancher 2, just to name a couple. Deathloop, Ni No Kuni and Assassin’s Creed Odyssey are some other noteworthy additions that Game Pass subscribers were treated to in September.

And just wait till October gets here, with the forthcoming Game Pass launches of A Plague Tale: Requiem, Scorn and others. So it’s not all bad new for Game Pass members, not by a long shot.

Let us know, which of the games leaving Game Pass today are you going to miss?