A deeper look into today’s 3D Announcements

Kit McDonald

Microsoft 3D Experience

For Microsoft, the third dimension is the next path to success for everyone in the Windows 10 Creators Update coming next Spring. The Windows 10 event in New York City this morning revealed some beautiful new designs to push innovators into creating for the digital world and even transforming virtual objects into reality.


First, Microsoft revealed to us the Windows Capture 3D Experience via a mobile app. This tool lets users take a 360-degree image around an object in real life and transfer it into the digital world. Furthermore, the app will go wonderfully with their newly announced Paint 3D. The redesign is something like we’ve never seen before in Microsoft Paint. Users will be able to create deep 3D images with new brush types and personal photos can be combined with the objects to build unique creations.

All of these 3D tools come together in Remix 3D, a hub for sharing objects and models across multiple creators worldwide. Even Minecraft builds will be able to be shared across the hub and even printed out using a 3D printer. Microsoft also announced that thanks to their collaboration with Trimble, Remix 3D will be compatible with the Google-owned modeling program and warehouse from SketchUp.

The Redmond giant has plenty of ideas on how to integrate the third dimension into their products and services, including support from Microsoft Edge to support the large scale 3D ecosystem. It seems they even intend on bringing the Capture 3D Experience to Android and iOS. Unfortunately, they’ll be tagging along behind the Windows Phone in which the app will be coming ‘soon’ according to the blog post.

The event showed many ways that these 3D creations will transform how we interact with the virtual and augmented reality through HoloLens as well. In fact, they seem very keen on making VR available to the masses with their new OEM VR headset starting as low as $299. Exact prices, release, and available are not known as of yet.

Make sure to check out the video-on-demand and see for yourself what future the Windows 10 Creators Update has to offer.