A closer look at the Surface Dial from the Windows 10 Event

Kareem Anderson

Many tech observers expected Microsoft to reveal it’s rumored Surface All-in-One device today during its Fall Windows event and the company met those expectations with resounding public appeal. The Surface Studio has been met with overwhelming delight from reporters and gadget enthusiast alike.

Amid the wash of ooh’s and ahh’s of the Surface Studio stands an unsung hero in the Surface Dial. The Surface Dial is the peripheral which helps bring the Surface Studio and Microsoft’s recently announced Windows 10 Creators Update, to life.

The $99 silver hockey puck sized dial helps augment the use of a mouse and touch screen inputs by housing additional menus, navigation, and interactions when paired with a Windows 10 powered Surface devices.

Surface Dial
Surface Dial during Surface Studio announcement

The Surface Dial is very much a tactile experience that enables users to operate the devices either on the screen of a Surface device or alongside it on a desk or table. When in use the Surface device transforms its utility to support color picking, volume control, zoom, mouse and host of other app features.

For anyone interested in the specs can read the impressive list below.

Surface Dial spec sheet
Surface Dial spec sheet

Other details about the Surface Dial such as supporting apps, haptic feedback and use-case scenarios, visit the new Surface Studio accessories page here. Let us know what you think of the Surface Dial and how you plan to use one in the future.