90% Selling IP Telephony Still Don’t Fully Appreciate the Security Risks


Control Phreak, which prevents toll fraud, now available from Wick Hill with Panasonic voice switch systems.

Woking, Surrey: 3rd December, 2010 – 90% of the channel selling IP telephony still don’t fully appreciate the security risks, says Siobhan Gibbs, UK Sales Manager for VAD Wick Hill.

Gibbs was speaking out to highlight the dangers of toll fraud(1) and the current lack of focus on the subject.

“Clients need to protect their VoIP activities every bit as much as they protect their data activities, if they’re to prevent toll fraud,” said Gibbs. “If resellers are aware of the issues of toll fraud and don’t advise clients of the need for security, then when something goes wrong, guess who’ll get the blame?!”

Gibbs made these remarks as Wick Hill announced the availability of Panasonic’s TDE and NCP voice switch platforms, incorporating Callista’s Control Phreak.

Control Phreak runs in real time to prevent dial-through phone fraud.

It works in the background to stop illegal call traffic instantly and allows for user regulation, so problem calls can be blocked, while genuine voice traffic can carry on unimpeded. Its low price makes it suitable for SMEs, as well as enterprises.

“Control Phreak is a big improvement on what was available previously, as that involved monitoring retrospective alerts, effectively closing the stable door after the horse had bolted,” commented Gibbs.

Control Phreak is one of a range of solutions available from Wick Hill for securing converged voice/data systems. “Resellers who educate themselves on security for converged solutions,” added Gibbs, “will be in a great position to act as trusted advisors and take advantage of the unstoppable growth of convergence.”