90 Microsoft Surface tablets donated to the Los Angeles Unified School District

Hammad Saleem

Microsoft Surface tablets have been adopted by many educational institutes across the globe to allow students to improve their learning methodology and adopt new ways of learning. Microsoft has offered institutions with educational discounts on the purchase of the tablets as well so that the new technology can help students.

In a recent move, Adrian Paul and The PEACE Fund have announced the donation of 90 Surface tablets to the Los Angeles Unified School District. There’s a catch here as well: a group of 33 classrooms have been selected to work on a class project titled, “How Will the Surface Tablets Help Improve our Class.” Out of 33 elementary, middle, and high school classrooms, only 9 will be selected. In order to win, those 9 chosen classrooms will need to create short videos, picture collages, or anything to support the topic — every grade has its own curriculum and tasks so it’s up to the children to come up with ideas on how the tablets can help their class.

The “New Year, New Opportunities” will run from January 11th to January 31st, and public voting will commence from February 1st until midnight February 3rd. Out of those 33 classrooms, 9 of them will be selected and awarded 10 tablets each.