90% of Microsoft customers in China using pirated software


So you are the President of China. You come to the United States to meet with the American President. Should be a good time, right? Instead, Microsoft’s CEO Steve Ballmer shows up to the meeting and begins claiming that 90% of Microsoft software used in China is pirated!

Networkworld reports that during Chinese President Hu Jintao’s visit to the United States to discuss intellectual property protection, Microsoft’s CEO Steve Ballmer pointed out that piracy is rampant in China.

President Obama, also present during the meeting, addressed Ballmer’s concerns during a press conference.

“We’re making progress on making sure that the government procurement process in China is open and fair to American businesses. And we’ve made progress as a consequence of this state visit.”

“Some of it has to do with intellectual property protection. So we were just in a meeting with business leaders, and Steve Ballmer of Microsoft pointed out that their estimate is that only 1 customer in every 10 of their products is actually paying for it in China. And so can we get better enforcement, since that is an area where America excels — intellectual property and high-value added products and services.”

“And the Chinese government has, to its credit, taken steps to better enforce intellectual property. We’ve got further agreement as a consequence of this state visit. And I think President Hu would acknowledge that more needs to be done.”

President Hu Juntao even goes as far as agreeing that piracy is just as bad as terrorism.

For example, in the field of fighting terrorism, upholding the security of humanity, or in tackling the international financial crisis, promoting the growth of the world economy in addressing regional hotspots, fighting transnational crimes, fighting piracy, and preventing and treating communicable diseases — in all these areas, countries need to work together to meet the challenge.

You can read the full transcript of the press conference between President Obama and President Hu Juntao here