8ninths uses HoloLens platform to bring finance trading into the 21st century

Michael Cottuli

People have been talking about HoloLens in a whole lot of different contexts since it was announced way back when. We’ve covered its applications as a tool of science, its capabilities to enhance gaming experiences, and the utility it provides to artists. What hasn’t been mentioned as much, however, is how the HoloLens is going to be used as a device to make easier – or, at least, more exciting – the job of people who sit behind a desk.

8ninths, a company who works to create new experiences in mixed and virtual reality, has partnered with Citi to create a program that creates holograms of financial data, effectively putting together a holographic workspace for traders. 8ninths was one of seven companies that were trained by the Microsoft HoloLens group. On their website, 8ninths claims that their purpose in making this app was that “financial traders’ current workstations provide an abundance of data, but in formats that are difficult to process and prioritize,” claiming that traders face some serious issues, including:

  • lack of prioritization within six to eight screens of 2D information
  • lack of easily discernible centralized knowledge
  • inefficiency in navigating between windows and tabs
  • inefficiency in recognizing critical patterns and market changes
  • loss of opportunity for collaboration and dialogue
  • loss of the “human element” and the “feel of what is going on in the market.”

The new holographic format is being utilized to improve the organization of financial data and make it simple for traders to do their job in a clean workspace. With companies like 8ninths making it possible for traders and other office professionals to do their job more efficiently, HoloLens headsets could quickly become a viable option for businesses to embrace when trying to make their company function better.