865 Windows 8 apps now available in the Windows Store

Zac Bowden

It appears that Microsoft’s new Windows Store is growing rapidly, now having over 865 apps and counting. It seems Windows 8 is going to launch with more than enough starter apps, and of course, the store is going to keel growing.

McAkins on Twitter has been keeping a close eye on the Windows Store since it launched in February earlier this year, and since the the store has gained over 865 apps, it has grown at a good speed, but there is always room for improvement.

The Windows Store could have over 1000 apps Windows 8 launches later this yea if it continues growing at this speed. Many developers were waiting for the Windows Store to accept paid apps, now its doing that expect a lot more apps to enter the store soon.

Microsoft is expected to launch 40+ new Windows 8 games later this year, all will include Xbox LIVE integration, just like Windows Phone. We also expect companies like EA to release games, much like they do on the iPad.