8 days until Windows 8, have you pre-ordered yet?

Zac Bowden

In 8 days time, consumers all across the globe will be downloading, installing and upgrading to Windows 8. The OS has come a long way since it began, and the outcome is tremendous, with a new Modern UI, ultra-fast boot, as well as under the hood updates, can Windows 8 be any better?

Windows 8 isn’t the only thing Microsoft is launching on the 26th, oh no. The company is expected to launch the Microsoft Surface, a new tablet that was built as a stage for Windows, as well as Windows RT, which was built primarily for tablets, it uses less power and includes tablet like traditions.

With 8 days remaining until the launch of Windows 8, how are you bypassing the time? Make sure you pre-order before October 24th to receive free delivery on your order!