6snap beta for Windows Phone brings access to chat conversations in latest update


6snap beta update brings access to chat conversations on Windows Phone

While majority of services have started giving Windows Phone importance by developing apps for the platform, there are several popular services that have yet to make an appearance on Windows Phone Store. A client for popular image sharing service, Snapchat, is one of them. And as always, Windows Phone developer Rudy Huyn has fixed that problem and created 6snap.

​​With 6snap, you get features that were present in Snapchat like sharing pictures and videos, posting snaps on your stories, draw and add text to your pictures, search Snapchat friends on your phone, and much more. 6snap brings along added features such as Lense support, extended picture hub (share menu, etc..) and Live tile. 

In the latest Beta version of 6snap, you can now partake in chat conversations. This feature was rolled out to Snapchat not too long ago and you can take a look at a promo video of the chat feature for Snapchat below. Grab the app and give it a try! Don’t forget to report any bugs!