Microsoft Garage releases Kaizala for iOS to help manage small business communication

Dave W. Shanahan

Kaizala, iOS, Microsoft Garage

In addition to Sprightly, there’s another Microsoft Garage app available for iOS today, Kaizala. Back in February 2016, Kaizala was released on Android and now it is available for iOS. According to Prabhakar Mangina, Kaizala roughly translates to “What’s Up?” in Marathi, a language in western India.

Kaizala is an app that allows business owners to assign jobs to employees or outside contractors, track and manage bills, and get updates on job status and be notified when jobs are complete. Kaizala also allows private and group chats so you can communicate with your employees, partners, and customers, all within the app. Kaizala also allows users to share their locations to verify they are all where they need to be for an assigned task.

Sudharamani Vinnakota owns HomeSet, an Indian business that takes care of household tasks such as plumbing or renovating for working professionals. Vinnakota thinks Kaizala is the perfect app for her and her business:

“Working professionals have a lot of challenges, especially not having the time to get everyday tasks around the house done, so we started this company just to fill that gap. Organizing and communication is a big challenge between vendors, between clients and even the staff. There’s great value in it [Kaizala], especially when you’re talking to clients or carpenters, or just to share a location.”

Kaizala, iOS, Microsoft Garage
Kaizala workflow.

Kaizala’s streamlined chat helps organize her workflow. She can use Kaizala to start a new chat for each new project or help her employees organize their workflow.

“The chain of communication is very easy to see. It’s not like other chat groups where there is a lot of nonsense and fluff. It’s just business chat, so it’s linear and you can see it at one go and you can pull out whatever information you want and you use it.”

Kaizala is available for free from the App Store and Google Play. Just a heads up, Kaizala is currently only available for iOS and Android devices in India, with other countries to be added soon.

Microsoft Kaizala
Microsoft Kaizala
Price: Free