Microsoft Health App gets activity tracking sorted out with new bug squashing update

Dave W. Shanahan

Microsoft Health Band 2 Updates Featured

A new update to the Microsoft Health app for Windows phones is out and it’s here to potentially fix issues some Windows Insiders are having with Windows 10 Mobile and the Microsoft Band 2. The Microsoft Health update addresses activity tracking issues as well as bug fixes for Bluetooth syncing issues with the Microsoft Band 1 and 2.
When Windows 10 Mobile Build 14283 was released, Microsoft noted that people with Microsoft Band 1 and 2 should probably not update your phone because of a known build issue:

“If you have a Microsoft Band 1 or 2 paired to your phone, it will no longer sync after updating to this build due to a system API failure that occurs after the update. If you want to get your Band syncing with your phone again – you can temporarily change the language of your phone as a short term workaround until we release a fix. Additionally, you can also choose to reset your phone to get out of this state – however you may experience this update issue again with the next build until we fix this issue.”

With the rumors of Windows 10 Mobile arriving on phones tomorrow, maybe the Microsoft Health update is in preparation. Microsoft Health’s update does also fix the Microsoft Band 2 sharing feature issue that was made available in the February 2, 2016 update. Previously, sharing your Microsoft Band 2 activities only worked on Facebook; now you don’t have to click “More” repeatedly to share to Twitter, WhatsApp, etc.

Here’s hoping we see the official launch of Windows 10 Mobile tomorrow!

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