5,000 incoming Western Sydney University students receive Surface 3s

Michael Cottuli

Even with the Surface Book making a big splash in the world of consumer electronics recently, the Surface brand can always go further. In a recent move by Microsoft, not only has the brand of Surface become more recognizable, but the careers of 5,000 university students in Australia has gotten a significant shot in the arm as well. In a partnership with Microsoft in selecting the right equipment, Western Sydney University has given 5,000 Surface 3s to its incoming students, letting them become more acquainted with some of the technology that can help them better get along in their studies.

The Surface 3 seems like an excellent choice to introduce university students in the new frontier of education, as Microsoft’s hybrid is as close to the cutting edge of technology as you can get barring the next generation of Surface devices. Having the versatility of a tablet and the stability of a laptop makes the Surface 3 the sort of device that’s easy to carry around campus when necessary, but easy to sit down and do real work with when necessary.

All things considered, the Surface is the perfect device for a college student.

Microsoft is delighted to be working closely with the progressive Western Sydney University. We see the role of technology as a driver of change in the way students learn the 21st century skills they need to become our future leaders


After conducting a study that came to the conclusion that only 24% of university students take notes on their laptop, it’s easy to see that there’s a big problem right now when getting university students to adopt new ways of learning. Now that these Surface 3s have been handed out to students in several different majors (including Nursing, Sciences, and Psychology), there should hopefully be an increase in the number of students who use their laptops or tablets to improve their studies.