50% Of Apple’s Revenue Comes From The iPhone


Tag this one as interesting as a new report indicates that 50% of Apple’s revenue comes from its iPhone product. Not 5%, not 20%, but 50%. In just three months from December 2010 to March 2011, Apple has raked in a total of 24.6 billion dollars. 50% of that came from the iPhone.

Keep in mind that these numbers are not simply based on how many iPhones have sold. The 50% number includes “Related Products and Services” such as carrier agreements, services, and accessories. Anything brought from the App Store is classified as iTunes revenue. iPod Touch and the iPad were not calculated as a part of the iPhone revenue.

Apple has sold 18.65 million iPhones just last quarter which equates to about 12.3 billion dollars in revenue. This pretty much means Apple has made 50% of its earnings from the iPhone brand.

This probably explains why Apple is so guarded when it comes to its hardware. Just recently, we learned that Apple was suing its own parts supplier, Samsung, and alleging that the company copied Apple’s iPhone and iPad designs.

Today, we learned that the iPhone can track where you are and where you’ve been. According to research, both the iPhone and 3G iPads are storing a persistent list of locations and time-stamps. This has been taking place since the release of iOS 4. Now, supposedly Apple is not using this data to track its users, but many people can argue otherwise.

Some interesting Apple news as of late. Apple seems guarded with its iPhone platform and wants to continue making a ton of money from it. We will keep you updated on the Samsung vs Apple fight as details come in.