5 things iOS 4.3 brings the iPad and iPhone


[UPDATE] iOS 4.3 Software Update now available on iTunes.

With the new firmware update due sometime this week for the iPhone and iPad, we will see a handful of interesting and anticipated updates for users.

As NetworkWorld reports, firmware update is iOS 4.3 and from what Apple is saying, it will be available Friday.

The update will feature a faster Safari mobile browsing. Safari will have a built in Nitro JavaScript engine which will “more than double” the speed of JavaScript execution.

The update will also feature a personal hotspot. Using this personal hotspot, one can turn their iPhone 4 into an access point that will allow up to 3 other wifi capable clients to connect to it. You will be able to share your internet with these clients.

You will also be able to play your iTunes library within your local wi-fi network from your PC or Mac using your iOS 4.3 device.

The update enhances Apple’s AirPlay feature as it allows you to play media on a device when that media is located on another device.

On the iPad front, you will now be able to switch from a screen-orientation lock to a mute button. Or vice versa. Whatever your preference is.

Stay tuned as more information regarding iOS 4.3 comes out.