5 million Xbox One units to go on sale in China for September 23rd launch

Hammad Saleem

Xbox One

Microsoft’s Xbox One console is set to hit Chinese shores almost a month from now, on September 23rd. According to Microsoft’s Chinese partner BesTV, only five million consoles will go on sale at the announced launch date. Currently, Microsoft and China don’t have the healthiest relations, but five million consoles is still a large debut number.

BesTV further stated that the console market in China is following a rising trend, and that Xbox One has a potential to sell as many as 50 million units over the course of  the next five years. Current projections are positive, but only time will tell if Microsoft can sell those many units in the Chinese market.

There’s no denying that China is a large market for simply any product, not just technology. Last year, they lifted the 13-year old ban on the import of gaming consoles into the country, paving way for Microsoft to launch the Xbox One in one of the biggest markets in the world. It’s not just Microsoft, Sony has also announced plans to sell the PlayStation 4 in the region, but they have yet to announce a definite launch date.

The Chinese version of the Xbox One will carry a 3,699 (almost $600) price tag, which is $200 more expensive than the version sold in the United States. Nonetheless, it should still create a spark in the Chinese console market, especially for more hardcore gamers. 

What do you think about the future of Xbox One in China? Can it become one of the major markets for Microsoft when it comes to gaming consoles?