$499 Surface RT 32GB with no Touch Cover already out of stock in various markets


Those looking to purchase the new Surface RT tablet will not be able to purchase the cheapest model, which comes with no Touch Cover keyboard. The $499 Surface RT 32GB is now out of stock in various markets including the United States. Looks like you will have to wait longer or just purchase a more expensive model.


“It appears as though the Surface RT tablet has sold out across the markets where its available. This is displayed on the Microsoft Stores for the UK, France, Germany, Australia and Canada. Looks like the tablet is extremely popular across the board and not just in the states. If you’re looking to pick up the cheapest model it looks as though you’ll have a slight wait to go through,” the report states. The White Touch Cover is also sold out, while the other colors are still available for $120. Consumers interested in purchasing the new Surface RT can still opt for the Surface RT 32GB with a Black Touch Cover for $599. No word yet on how long it will take before the $499 version will be in stock.