40% of machines running Windows 8.1 apps are on Windows 10, says AdDuplex

Kip Kniskern

Acer U5 desktop

AdDuplex is a supplier of ads for Windows Phone and Windows apps, and have been a valuable source of information about all kinds of information about Windows and Windows Phone, all gleaned from data collected from those ads.  In their latest blog post, AdDuplex head Alan Mendelevich takes a look at Windows Machines running at least one of the 173 Windows 8.1 apps with a recent version of the AdDuplex SDK installed, collected yesterday, September 8th.
According to AdDuplex, Windows 10 is quickly gaining a strong foothold on these devices, running on 39% of modern desktop, tablet, and convertible computers that have an AdDuplex powered app installed:

Ad Duplex Windows 10
Desktop/Tablet Windows Versions

AdDuplex then takes a look at the numbers adjusted for Windows RT devices (Mostly Surface RT and Surface 2), which can run the Windows 8.1 apps but aren’t able to be upgraded to Windows 10. This set of figures gives an even bigger slice of the pie to Windows 10 (and also makes an offhanded comment about the small size of the Windows RT install base):
AdDuplex Windows 10 minus Windows RT
Windows Versions (minus Windows RT)

While these numbers do depend devices having AdDuplex enabled Windows 8.1 apps installed, AdDuplex is one of the biggest ad suppliers for Windows developers, so it gives at least a glimpse of how well Microsoft’s latest OS is faring.