3rd party Pocket app Poki gains images in list view with 2.1 update

Kareem Anderson

As Microsoft attempts to flush out its Reading List features in Windows 10 between offering a dedicated app with folder-like features or guiding users to use the built-in simplistic offering within its Edge browser, Windows users can look to apps such as Poki for a refined reading experience until then.

Born of the Windows Phone age, Poki brought an elegant solution to users who wanted a Pocket-like save-for-later reading experience despite not having an actual first party app to interact with. Since its introduction to the Windows Phone platform, Poki has spread its wings and become a PC alternative to Pocket on the desktop as well through the Windows Store.

Today, the Poki team is announcing further development of the app that includes an update that brings images in the list view. While not a Universal Windows app just yet, Poki does do some cross-platform syncing and the developers offer in-app purchases that take advantage of additional features of either the desktop or mobile phone.

As mentioned before, if you’re a fan saving content for later and tired of waiting on Microsoft to offer you a robust solution, check out Poki in the Windows Store.

Poki for Pocket
Poki for Pocket
Developer: cee
Price: Free