3rd party Instagram client 6tag updated with in-app “bundling” options

Dave W. Shanahan


Rudy Huyn’s 3rd party Instagram client, 6tag, has been updated with some in-app purchase options. Now, from within 6tag on Windows 10 Mobile, you can make purchases to help Huyn further develop the app.

The new update to 6tag adds the following purchase options:

  • Remove Ads ($1.99)
  • Enable video upload on Instagram ($1.49)
  • Remove Ads + video upload ($1.99)
  • Donor ($3.49)
  • Super Donor ($3.99)
  • Mega Donor ($4.99)

6tag is a great 3rd-party Instagram client, and it is good to see Huyn adding additional features, even though it comes at a cost. Huyn’s other apps like 6tin and 6sec would likely greatly benefit from these types of paid options.

If you are looking to remove ads, add video upload, or just be a donor to help Huyn get along to creating other Windows 10 and Windows 10 Mobile apps, this is your best bet. Let us know what you think about the 6tag update with in-app purchases in the comments section and download 6tag from the Windows Store.

Developer: Rudy Huyn
Price: Free