3rd party Cortana app Cortanium adds NFL scores and trending events in new update

Kareem Anderson

Developers Liquid Daffodil are once again, bolstering Cortana use with an update to Cortanium. The new update brings a handful of additional voice commands such as trending events in an area, utilizing flashlight features on a device, and summoning NFL scores and predictions.
With Cortana sneaking its way onto Android and iOS devices recently, Windows developers are looking for ways to differentiate its use on platforms, enter Cortanium. It first crossed our radar in October of this year as a 3rd party app that tapped in Windows 10 Cortana functionality. The app offered a laundry list of additional voice commands to Windows 10 users when engaging with Cortana on the desktop.
Voice commands include:

  • Get movie recommendations
  • Get TV show recommendations
  • Get your daily horoscope
  • Get OneDrive storage information
  • View and check SharePoint documents
  • Get random interesting facts
  • Create new and random passwords
  • Check-in to Foursquare
  • Interact with your Microsoft Band
  • Get a Microsoft Healthy summary
  • Get Xbox gamer stats
  • Save current locations for later references
  • Get Klout score (if that is still a thing)
  • Search locations, contacts, restaurants, etc. and them to Contacts
  • Integrate Contact Search with Microsoft and Exchange accounts
  • Discover secret commands

As more developers get acquainted with Cortana, it’ll be interesting to see what the Bing and Windows teams take influence from, and implement in future iterations of the digital assistant. Right now, Cortana is very useful for specific tasks, but hopefully, in the future user engagement will only be restricted by their imagination.

Developer: Liquid Daffodil
Price: Free