3rd party ad blocker CatBlock comes to Microsoft Edge for select builds

Kareem Anderson

Adblock Edge Extension

Ad blockers on the Microsoft Edge browser have been a long time coming for many users. The ability to hide advertisements that riddle a web page and bring site loading to a painful crawl have eluded Windows 10 users dedicated to using the default browser, Edge. Fortunately, it looks like the wait is coming to end, at least, for Windows 10 Insiders.

Third party ad blocker CatBlock just announced that it is launching its service for Edge in a beta preview:


Today I’m happy to announce that after much waiting on our side for the preview builds of Windows 10, we’re ready for Microsoft Edge.

When CatBlock first launches on Edge, it will be in a beta stage, whilst we iron out some bugs. However, we will be able to use the same code that we already use on Chrome and Opera, which reduces headaches for everyone!”

For now, the new CatBlock extension is only available for Windows 10 Insider preview builds 14291 and up of Microsoft’s Edge browser, but the developer appears willing to continue work to have a polished product for general consumers down the road. Similar to other current Edge extensions, the download and install is a somewhat granular process that will require zip extract and further installation instructions before users are cursing websites, ad-free.

The CatBlock developer is open to feedback and encourages users to reach out via the support site for issues or suggestions. With the Edge team finally opening up development for the browser, users should begin to see its “missing features” list start to shrink slowly.